The Excessive Mind Control of Smart Phones

Cell phones have become the apex of our lives today as we depend on them for everything from interacting with family and friends to emailing and managing our corporate profile. Most people nowadays can easily agree that without mobile phones nearby at all
times, life would come to a halt.

But have we adopted the cellular phone lifestyle a little too extravagantly?

Many people who have the latest smart phones with high definition quality screens and camera’s along with huge mass memory storage systems and the best collection of music and apps should ask themselves whether buying such a device is our need or just a

Before sharing anything, I would like to make it clear that I spent nearly 10 days without my ultra smart handset and shockingly, life went on and to tell you the truth, my mind was at ease while using a normal everyday phone.

This is not to say that everyone should give up using their iPhones, Nokia’s or HTC HD devices, but it is just a clarification that we can carry on with our daily routines and duties without them.

Of course these devices certainly make our life much more productive and fun, but there is a limit to their use and it should be kept that way.

When buying a cell phone, the ultimate deciding factor is obviously the amount of money you are able to spend. Being reasonable, unless you do not have the amount of money needed to buy what you want, you should opt for what you need and reconsider later

Spending what you do not have on something you want only hurts your budget in the end.

Look at your needs; do you really need an 8 megapixel camera, or the 32 GB one instead of the smaller option? Does the 4G ready device really factorise over a 3G one?

Truth is, you will never be able to find a perfect cell phone in order to meet all your needs, wants and fit right into your budget, because if there was such a device, companies would not need to build a whole range of products.

So get the one that meets all of your needs and focus on your wants as a second priority while keeping cell phone use to a normal.