Prime Minister of Pakistan, Sayed Yousuf Raza Gilani, invited the Russian investors to explore the available business opportunities in Pakistan. He was addressing to a dinner hosted in his honour by Ambassador
Khalid Khattak and attended by members of the Pakistani community, businessmen and senior officials in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Sunday.

Gilani urged the foreign investors to make good use of the money-spinning prospects in Pakistan. He assured them that with the recent amendments in the constitution, the country’s institutional stability has now become safer than
ever. He cited that the current conditions in Pakistan are deemed to be the ideal ones for foreign investors to launch new projects and develop partnerships with the local businessmen.

“The Government of Pakistan, on its part, will not only support, but go more than half way to invite and involve Russia’s businesses and investors in Pakistan’s economic development,” said the Prime Minister in his address.

Gilani pushed for the Pakistani community overseas to play their vital part in this economical development of their homeland. He stated that these overseas Pakistanis are the true representatives of the country and their efforts
and involvement in building economic ties between the two countries can be the most influential factors to bring foreign investment in country.

It was Prime Minister Gilani’s first visit to the culturally rich city of Saint Petersburg and he cited that his purpose of coming to Russia was to deliver a message of friendship and strong desire on behalf of the people of Pakistan
to develop deeper relations with not only the people of Saint Petersburg, but the entire Russian Federation.

He further added that Pakistan attaches great significance to the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) and he is hopeful that this will assist in bringing more stability, peace and prosperity in the region in the coming future.
Gilani praised the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s proposal of developing Eurasian Union and termed as a positive initiative for the betterment of socio-economic uplift of all those countries which will become a part of this union. Gilani also hopes
that Eurasian Union will be an effective bridge of friendship and cooperation between Europe and Asia.