Brand cautiousness has always been an integral part of human psyche but recent studies show that the brand preferences affect human behaviourism tremendously.

A study conducted by National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan suggested that preferring the branded product on generics can uplift one’s confidence and the reciprocal of it affects vice versa.

In this recent study, the research population went through a gauntlet of tests but the subjects were unaware of the fact that their behavioural patterns were under scrutiny.

Several mobile phone users were asked to call a lady friend they had met recently, and ask them out on a date. Just when these subjects were concluding their talks, phone batteries died and they were offered two choices; one to select an ordinary battery
and one with the same brand as the phone.

The users, who used the generic batteries, said they felt less eligible bachelors when compared to the ones who used the branded batteries.

In another test, college students were offered an opportunity to fill in a resume on desktop Mac computer. However, they were given choices of using ordinary keyboards and mice devices, or Apple-branded peripherals.

The results showed that the users who typed in their resumes on ordinary devices had overall 10 percent less future salary expectations than those who used a complete Apple package.

Moreover, a significant change in behaviour has been seen in day-to-day activities of the masses when it comes to a comparison between branded and non-branded products.

People have undermined self-esteem while using non-branded products or worst yet the counterfeits. However, the very opposite has been observed with the usage of branded products.

The research mooted a preceding notion that this kind of behavioural modification stops when a person reaches adulthood. The study suggested that the observation and behaviour alteration never stops and becomes even more affective as a person grows older.

However, there are always exceptions to human psychology. It has been noted that there are people of certain frame of mind, who take pride in purchasing a non-branded product or a counterfeit because it serves the same purpose but in less amount of money.