Quest for our true recognition on the face of so-called modern world

On the face of current so-called modern world, which has swallowed every aspect of our religious and traditional norms, it becomes quite hard to find our true recognition as we have lost it. We have come far away from our base, which our religion gave us
and we used to be proud on it.

The modern world has destroyed every single norm of our society as the young generation has indulged into such disgusting activities which used to be considered as heinous and hateful. But now these activities have become a part of our life. Today’s man
feels pride in smoking as he thinks it as a symbol of modernization and if he quits, he will be left behind.

Today’s student seems to follow or talks about girls and pays no heed to his studies and consequently when he receives bad grades, he blames the teacher was biased and goes on putting such lame excuses for his failure. Another habit of boys is to talk with
girls on phone and remain busy in this activity and feel pride in it that they have girl friends.

Today’s girls always seem busy in watching useless fashion shows, morning shows, movies and talking on mobile phones, most probably with boys. They are least concerned with the teachings of our religion and also pay no heed to what their parents want. They
are also least concerned with the household, which has become the major reason of increasing number of divorces in our society.

Today’s youngsters always talk about that their parents do not understand their feelings and they consider themselves right in every aspect of their life. They even pay no heed to the advice and their parents and want no interference of their parents in
their matters.

The dress of females in this so-called modern age has exposed them and they feel pride in it that numerous eyes are following them as they have become a show piece for others. But they are quite satisfied with it.

We, the young generation, have lost our true values which used to be the values of respect for parents, tolerance, patience, love, affection, obedience and the top of all the satisfaction with the fact that we born in a Muslim family. But unfortunately,
we are only born Muslims as we do not follow anything which a true Muslim follows.

Islam is the religion for all ages, which fulfils and will continue to fulfil the requirements of all ages until the end of the world. If we follow the true teachings of Islam, we will never waste our time in useless and hateful activities, our mosques will
be filled with people and consequently we will gain the lost glory.

We have to get back on the right track which will lead us towards the true pride and happiness and will help us to discover the true success in this life and the life hereafter.