Veteran British rock band Black Sabbath announced their reunion on Friday in the original four-man formation for their first album after a time-span of 33 years and for a world tour in the year 2012. The conference was held at the same place where the band
played their first show in Los Angeles 41 years ago.  

Drummer Bill Ward Singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bass player Geezer Butler were found stating at a news conference on Friday at legendary Sunset Strip club that they would be seen performing at the download festival in England in the month
of June 2012 and will follow a world tour.

The band, formed under the name Black Sabbath in 1969 stated that they are working on some new material for their upcoming album in 2012. The album has not been given any title yet and will be produced by Rick Rubin.

  Osbourne was fired from the band in the year 1979 which led to a revolving line-up for a number of years. The band got reunited in the year 1998 for the release of "Reunion" and played again for shows in the early 2000s. Black Sabbath was an inductee into
the U.S. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 and has sold more than a staggering 70 million albums worldwide.

The last album of all the original material released by the band was in the year 1978 with "Never Say Never." For months, rumours had been spreading all around for their new album. With heavy metal hits like "Iron Man" and "War Pigs," the band will surely
prove once again their prowess in the genre.

Iommi addressed the reporters "It’s now or never. We are getting along great. Everything’s really good, It’s like putting on an old glove. It’s fantastic." Osbourne said "This time, for some magical reason, we have written about seven or eight songs."

The band also made the announcement of the launch for their first website, and said it would be making its first foray into the social media via Twitter and Facebook.

With the hype at apex of their upcoming album and world tour, the heavy metal fans would certainly be given a treat of exquisite musical extravaganza by the epic four.