Learning to be a good mentor: Desire to learn

If one have having LOW ‘DESIRE TO LEARN’ (Under skilled) then the following outcomes comes our way.

– You exhibit very less interest to learn anything new.

– There is a certain dullness about the way things are done, as it is just the same as any other day.

– Routines and responses from people are almost predictable.

– There is never a need felt for Teacher training and development.

– There is high resistance to change.

If one having BALANCED ‘DESIRE TO LEARN’ (Rightly skilled) then the following outcomes are seen.

– Effective new practices, trends and methods are explored.

– The Institution is updated with the latest happenings in the education world.

– Teachers and staff are encouraged to share new ideas and suggestions.

– Students enjoy the learning process and the atmosphere is healthy and lively.

– Teacher training and development is given importance and invested upon wisely.

If one having HIGH ‘DESIRE TO LEARN’ (Over used skill), it give us following results.

– New Practices, trends and methods are discussed and explored, even though they are not required at that moment.

–  Teachers and staff are sent for many training programmes and initiatives, without prioritizing their other activities.

– Regular admin and academic activities suffer as people find it difficult to manage time.

– Often your over enthusiasm is met with disinterest.

Possible Reasons

If you have a low desire to learn then the following reasons might enveloping you.

You feel or believe that

-… you ‘know’ all that is needed for your Institution.

– … You have lost interest in doing anything new in the Institution.

– …you have crossed the stage to be a learner.

– … ‘uncertainty’ and ‘fear of the unknown’ is unsettling, whereas ‘certainty’ and ‘routine’ is comfortable.

– … Just because everybody is doing something, does not mean you have to follow suit.

– … there is no need felt for change or new learning, as everything is running smoothly anyways.

– … Change is a laborious task and better to avoid it as it can bring surprises, which you may not be ready for.

If you have high desire of learning, the following things are driving you

– … it is your duty to introduce and give exposure to all the new trends happening in the education world.

… it is impressive to demonstrate new trends and practices at the end of the year and show a number of new things explored.

– … you shouldn’t lose out on the race and need to always keep up with the others.

– … One never knows what may be useful when, hence one must learn anything that comes ones way.

– … If you keep exploring new methods, you may discover the one that is most effective.

– …it is interesting to keep learning new things.