Movie Review: Rockstar (2011)

For those looking for a movie which involves brilliant direction, an interesting collection of songs, a romantic tale and some rock n roll, than “Rockstar” is the movie for you.

Released on 11/11/11, Rockstar is a movie wonderfully directed by Imtiaz Ali, involving Ranbir Kapoor, who plays the role of Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ and Jordan, along with Nargis Fakhri as Heer.

Both actors involve the viewers in their complex lives wanting to know more and more as the movie progresses with a number of twists and turns at ever corner.

JJ, a normal young university going teenager, dreams of becoming a superstar singer, not giving up any opportunity to sing and play his guitar in front of his friends and basically anyone he meets on the street.

With so much passion for the art, Kapoor faces a number of difficulties on his path to success, the biggest being the rejection of the idea of him becoming a rockstar from his friends, family and mentors.

Slowly, he works hard towards his goals and eventually achieves them, but along that path, he forcefully acquaints himself with Fakhri (Heer) in order to be dejected by her after proposing that she be her girlfriend, but as the two come from completely different
lifestyles, she is appalled at the idea and abuses him.

Trying hard to feel the pain of rejection and being heart broken in order to become a better artist, Heer eventually becomes friends with JJ and they continue going-out as friends before she is to be married and composes a bucket list sort of things she
wishes to do before being bound down in wedlock.

In a series of twists, Heer falls in love with JJ and so does he, but as the former is married, Jordan (the rockstar version of JJ), spends a miserable life, even though people scream at hearing his name or seeing him on the street.

The story continues as one would expect a love story to be as the hero and heroine do anything to get each other, but as Rockstar progresses, viewers will learn that it is not their everyday romantic tale that they are accustomed to.

Rockstar has a little bit for every type of viewer with its hard rock songs, to the more romantic integrations and funny moments here and there, making it a must see for all.

I would rate this move a 9/10.