Marriage is one of the most important moments in one’s life and everybody wants his wedding to be perfect. Different classes of people organise their functions differently depending on the size of the pockets.

There was a time when wedding arrangements for a boy were less costly than those of the other gender.  The situation has totally changed today as it costs almost the same if not more if someone wishes to get married.

We will see an overview of the expenses an average man should keep in mind before getting married. The biggest expense that a boy or his family has to bear is the jewellery for the bride. Today’s Gold price is Rs.57, 850/- per Tola and even if you wish to
buy a minimum of 3 Tolas it adds up a total gold price to Rs.173550/-.

The above mentioned price is just the price of gold and the gold smith will be charging a minimum of Rs.50, 000/- for the making as gold has to go through a lot of processes before the final shape. So just the gold costs around Rs.223550/-

The next big expense is booking a marriage hall for the function which costs roughly around Rs.100000/- for an average function. Then comes the bride’s dress which has to be form the boys side, the amount of dress varies but  an average dress costs around

Jewellery, Hall and Dress are the main expenses and the above mentioned figures are the amounts majority of the families in our society are spending on the functions. Another common trend is when groom’s family has to buy normal clothes for the girl which
can add up to another 50,000/-

Lighting up your house is probably one of the oldest tradition in our society which can cost around Rs.10, 000/-. Photographers rates are not any less and can charge approximately Rs.15, 000/- on average.

 The newlywed bride needs to look perfect before the Waleema function and her makeup can charge around Rs.20, 000/- Adding up all the above stated expenses gives us a figure of Rs.468,550/- for only the known expenses by the boy’s family. There can also
be a number of add on expenses that one can face during the wedding.

The amount is almost the same from the other side of the family as well which tell us that a total amount of money spend on an average marriage in our country is around One Million. The figure is quite unbelievable considering the fact that the whole world
mourns about Pakistan being a poor country.

The question is; are those rituals so important that make one stretch his pockets to the limits. The answer is certainly yes, Rituals are important and you better afford them.