Imran Khan agrees with the route map Pakistan and India have taken to build confidence

As Pakistan and India are taking measures to improve their relations, the most favourite politician amongst the Pakistani youth Imran Khan had also agreed with the route map that both countries had chosen, is right. Imran said that both countries should keep the core issue of Kashmir aside for the time being until they are working on confidence-building measures.

However, the chairman of Tehrik-i-Insaaf also expressed his concerns that any terror activity in Kashmir or a repeat of Mumbai-type attack could again bring the relations back to ‘square one’.  During an interview with CNN-IBN, Imran said that as Kashmir is a core issue and without including it the probability that the relations could come back to ‘square one’ would always remain a threat. Because as per, Imran this is the ‘only issue’ that is preventing the Pakistan and India from getting close.

 “If something happens in Kashmir, maybe something happens from within Kashmir in India, some sort of attack – I’m scared that like Mumbai, certainly whatever happens comes back to square one,” he said. Replying to a question about President Asif Ali Zardari’s comments three years ago that the Kashmir issue be set aside for resolution by a future generation while India and Pakistan worked on CBMs, Imran said: “I certainly agree with that line of thinking.

“I think that the more confidence we build with each other, the more trade we have, the more trust we develop and the moment militancy or intelligence agencies’ roles disappear and the more we resolve our issues on the dialogue table, that’s the only way forward”. Asked how he would try to resolve the Kashmir issue, Imran replied: “Well, whatever the solution is, first of all, it should not be enforced through militancy. So whatever policy we have, it should be political dialogue and I also believe we should have other CBMs along the way”.

Imran urged both the countries should deal this core issue in a ‘more civilised way’. In order to do that India could start by calling it’s troops back from the region, as per Imran. He also said that he remained never in favour of the military action that is why he had always opposed such operations, including the ones in Pakistan. Because “The solution does not lie in military operations…,” Imran said.