Love nothing more than a mere illusion (Part 1)

Sometimes a person is forced to doubt the existence of love in this world. Is it just an illusion that we stubbornly belief to be real despite all the proof pointing against it. Have we not seen and felt the hatred surrounding us? Have there not been enough
bitter experiences and tragic incidents to bring us to our senses and comprehend the truth?

Our refusal to embrace the fact that love has no existence wounds us on regular basis and despite all the scars on our heart, we keep on making the same mistake over and over again. We fall under the false impression that our determined and desperate search
has finally led us to love, but it is only a matter of time before we realize that it is yet another dead end. There was nothing but hatred in store for us at the destination that we had struggled so hard to reach.

Our heads are filled up with factious love stories, where the man and woman form an unconditional affection for each and spend the rest of their lives with each other happily. However, little is told about their life after they tie the knot and embark on
the journey of marriage with love acting as the back-bone of their relation. It is surprising to find very few people realizing that something is amiss in these love stories and that the couples do not lose their feelings for each other as they spend more
time in each other’s company. The story is quite conveniently concluded right when they get married with the intention of curtaining the catastrophic aftermath of having faith in the existence of love and allowing it to play an integral role in their life.

A 24-year-old journalist from Lahore, who wishes for his identity to remain anonymous, revealed to us that he had committed the mistake of believing in love for 13 times to date. While he had not completely lost himself to this illusion in 11 situations,
he was convinced that he had reached his destination on two occasions. A 13-year pursuit got him nothing more than a daily dose of insults and heavy inferiority complex from the first of these occasions, while the second occasion saw the girl handing over
the right of selecting her life partner to her parents. The parents had no intention of letting their daughter get married to a man who lacked the resources to support a wife and had negligible job security. If love really did exist in this world, then those
parents and the girl would have never let the job security or other worldly things influence their judgment. If love really did exist, then the man would not have gone through torture for 13 years at the hands of his supposed beloved.

   – Continued in Part 2 –