Book reading, a dying habit in the current world

“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.”  ~Anna Quindlen

The habit of book reading is declining with an incredible speed in this modern age, which has also been given the name of digital world. With the progress of this digital world, the interest of majority of young people is changing its direction. The younger
generation always gets fascination with the latest releases of iPhone, iPods, and video games etc. They do not find time or take interest to read books.

The modern age has become so fast and nobody is willing to spend his time on reading books. Even the students are leaving the habit of book reading as they find notes from various websites on internet and prepare their assignments without even thinking that
this assignment will earn him/her only marks but not the real knowledge which is required to become a fully groomed and knowledgeable person.

People in this modern age are creating a mess for themselves as they think that they are in a rush and they need to progress with a rapid pace, otherwise they will be left behind by the society or become isolated from it.

This is completely a wrong concept or thinking as book reading enables a man to think deeper and dig out the sources of real happiness. Book reading makes people wise as they get different angles to think on the day-to-day affairs and those persons always
live a satisfied life that make book reading their habit and continue it throughout their whole life.

The advancements in the modern age are also making an impact on the younger generation in a negative way. The young people find pleasure in watching a movie or chatting with friends on facebook than to take pleasures in reading good books. They are curious
about the next model of a mobile phone or laptop but they are least concerned about getting knowledge through books.

The strength of people in libraries is getting decreased with every passing day. The young people find it boring or a backward thing to consume even a small amount of their time in book reading. This is an alarming fact as if things proceed in the similar
way the libraries will see no readers and the best source of knowledge will became nothing but a waste.


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