Google has opened its cloud service to the whole United States on November 16, after removing the invitation condition and writing off the paid notion, which had been circulating around for quite sometime.

At cloud services, users can upload 20,000 of their own songs, which can be accessed through Web browsers and Android Applications. Moreover, it is linked to the Android Market too, so that users can purchase new songs of their choice and enjoy them with
their friends.

The service has been designed to synchronised with other music stores, along with the Google+ integration. Each time a musical purchase has been made, it may be uploaded and shared directly through Google+ and what tops everything else, is the fact that
the shared music can be enjoyed by the friends for free.  

This means that there will new purchases made around the clock and once shared, they can be enjoyed for free by everyone else. This feature has been the talk of the town for so long now that it has been opened to public, reviews from users will pour in abundantly.

There is a huge list of songs that will be available through the Android Music Store that will also feature live performances of Rolling Stones, Coldplay and Bustah Rhymes. Musical pieces from Shakira and Pearl Jam will be available through cloud application