Ranbir rocks with “RockStar”

Despite critics giving Ranbir Kapoor’s latest movie, Rock Star mostly unfavourable reviews, it did little for fans to spend their resources on watching a movie, which was a little closer to reality than Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Ra One.

Ranbir’s own acting has come in for special praise after the star enacted the role with bravo performance, which had Bollywood celebs on their feet. He has been admired by everyone endorsing the role of Jordan, while his chemistry with newbie, Nargis Fakhri
is simply breathtaking.

The film takes the idea of Janaradhan Jakhara, who wants to become a Rockstar. However, to pull it off he needs to suffer pain associated in getting the best out of him as a musician. This makes him to pursue a flirtatious relationship with Heer ( Nargis

The plot seems disengaging at first but Ranbir enacts his role with considerable ease and knocks a serious punch with his childish behaviour which was something totally new.

“Ranbir’s performance in Rockstar is totally original he inhabits Jordan’s complex world and infuses it with childlike honesty that’s believable,” Shabana Azmi posted on micro-blogging site Twitter. “Imtiaz Ali’s writing in Rockstar is surprising and unpredictable.
Tugged at my heartstrings…Hindi cinema is finally coming of age..wow,” she further added.

The film has fared well in the box office; however, the collections could have been more had the film not clashed with Ra One, which opened two weeks earlier. It still managed to lure audience into the cinema, who loved watching Ranbir playing the role of
a spoiled Rockstar.

Talking to a daily, a source said, “Ranbir is in a very happy space now. While ‘Rockstar’ has not been appreciated by a certain section of the audience, there is a clear section which has lapped up the film and Ranbir’s stupendous performance.”

Rest assured, his fan base has certainly increased with this special portrayal of Jordan, and one will eagerly await his upcoming movies.