Ranbir Kapoor: I have faith in my talent

Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor has said that he has full faith in his talent for the films.

He added that he does not think he is a good human being or good looking, but he does know that he is a good actor at the moment.

Ranbir also mentioned that he works hard and he loves a lot to his work.

The Indian actor talked to the media and stated that it is not that he runs after money, but he genuinely loves this profession. He shared his feelings with the media and said that he would love to dedicate his whole life to this profession and definitely
become a superstar.

After his successful representation of a lovelorn and ambitious musician in Rockstar, Ranbir is being publicised as Bollywood’s upcoming superstar.  

Talking to reporters, the 29-year-old actor commented, “It feels nice that people are putting so much faith in me. I hope this doesn’t get in to my head as I want to focus only on my work and my directors. For me, success is working everyday during my career
and then flops won’t affect me. For me, success would be when I get to be on the sets everyday of my life.”

He went on to mention, “I have faith in my talent. I don’t think I am a good human being or good looking but I do know that I am a good actor. I work hard and I love my work. It’s not that I run after money but I genuinely love this profession. I would love
to dedicate my life to this profession and definitely become a superstar.”

Ranbir wants to become a No 1 star in Bollywood. However, he stated that he just want to focus on his work and directors.

Let’s see how much time Ranbir takes for becoming a superstar.