United States Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has urged the business tycoons of Asia to step forward and help the poor and hunger-stricken nations all over the globe. He was addressing to the executives at an Asian
investment conference, held in Bali, Indonesia, this Friday.

“While Asia gains in power and influence, it has not yet begun to take its proper share of responsibility,” expressed the UN Secretary General.

Ban Ki-moon believes the prosperous Asian economies can play a huge part in smoothing out the sufferings of millions of poor people in the world. He encourages the executives to take the initiative and he will continue to deliver
this message at the forth coming 18-nation East Asia Summit on Saturday.

“Asia has not taken a proper role in the international community for the world that we share. That is the message I will deliver to world leaders,” added the Secretary General.

The President of the United States, Barak Obama, will be attending the regional grouping that will take place for the first time in the United States and Russia. Ban Ki-moon cited that he will use that vital opportunity to speak
about an issue that keeps him up most of the nights, while the others will discuss the political and economical challenges.

The Secretary General is of the view that the most pressing issue in the world is the healthcare of women and children in the poor regions. He believes this is the core issue of everything, as the social work force of any nation
is hugely dependant on women and children. He urged the executives to take a step forward and assist the UN in taking measures for those less fortunate people who are an integral part of the world.

Asian nations haves developed into the strongest economic powers in the world and their progress in the recent years have the far better than any in the rest of the world. The region has build up much stronger growth rates in the
recent past and that is the reason Ban Ki-moon so emphasised the Asian businesses to become the leader in vanquishing poverty from the world.