9/11 hoax and its after affects on Pakistan (Part-IV/IV)

Cricket legend Imran Khan claimed that Pakistan is definitely paying the price for backing the US-led war on terror. He criticized Musharraf for blindly following the USA in the war against “terrorism”. This has affected the cricket industry and tourism
industry most definitely due to the fact that now prospective tourists and cricket teams refuse to land in a country where instability is a daily occurrence.

Australia’s cricket team pulled out in 2008 after the bomb blast in Lahore that left 26 dead. In addition to the effect on the sports industry, Imran voiced his concern about how it is crippling the morale of the sportsmen of this country. This resulted
in a large loss of revenue and a downfall in Pakistan’s position in the cricket world.

A complaint largely felt by the nation and its regime is that the media has done a very poor job at handling the gory details of the war on terror in the country. There were the golden, olden days of PTV and STN when not knowing much was not exactly ignorance,
but a very calm feeling of being oblivious. That feeling of being unaware was legitimate merely due to the fact that we were not constantly bombarded with images of decapitated bodies and wailing people looking for their loved ones.

 Today there is an influx of hundreds and thousands of images of not only dying people but unnecessary details about people who don’t necessarily deserve our time and attention. In fact, instead of remaining objective and focusing on facts, the media has
become a tool for rabid sensationalism, focusing only on the ‘juicy details’ of the private lives of government officials and celebrities.

Terrorism creates uncertainty, reduces confidence and increases risk perceptions leading to lower rates of investment and lower economic growth. In this context, Pakistan has not only lost precious lives and infrastructure, but has also borne tremendous
financial loss since 2001-02. Both the war on terror, as well as rehabilitation of the IDPs, has consumed a big chunk of the government’s financial resources, thus widening the fiscal deficit and halting economic growth.

A major negative impact of terrorism is the fear factor that has directly affected the spending habits of the consumers and has created a negative effect on the country’s economic growth. The people are afraid to visit the markets since currently they have
become a major target of the terrorist attacks.

It is really sad to see that Pakistan’s government is immensely busy in gathering dollars and pounds that they are completely ignorant about the diminishing image of Pakistan. 9/11 has erupted as a worst nightmare for us and since then Pakistan is associated
with all evil activities you can think of. It’s because majority of the population is living below the poverty line and most of them can’t afford education.

Why would an uneducated poor boy refuse suicide bombing when he is brainwashed with an idea of receiving ‘Jannat’ (Heaven) in return. Education needs to be made common and cheap and economy need to boost up so that there are no illiterate people left that
are so gullible to be tamed for anything by anyone.