Government should focus on delivering rather than making hues and cries now

The next general elections are round the corner and all the political parties are finalising their future line of actions to gain better results. The opposition including, PML-N, JI and PTI would try to exploit the federal government by highlighting its
loop poles and flaw backs that added to the miseries of common man during last four years.

Government itself has admitted the fact that it has not delivered to the public as should have. The confession of its failure would surely make the public thinking about casting their votes for current alliance. The whole leadership of current setup has
consumed it energies in making lame excuses and blaming their predecessors which will not work in election campaigns surely.

Government has often expressed their designs of fulfilling five-year legitimated tenure of running Assembly and it looks quite possible at the moment. The need of the hour is to give first priority to the mass problems immediately so that people living blow
poverty lines could make the both ends meeting easily.

The middle and lower middle class has suffered to great extent during the whole regime of Pakistan People Party and it allies as the electricity crises has been worsen, its rates has been increased to manifolds, inflation has been multiplied, corruption
has rooted deep into our system and moreover unemployment is spreading disappointment among the youth which is considered to be the future of any nation.

The government is perhaps the luckiest of our history as it has enjoyed a friendly opposition; the role of military establishment has remained quite impartial and formal leg

Pulling has been avoided by various circles. Unfortunately, government has given away a golden chance to make their tenure historical as for as their performance is concerned. They could easily set an example for other parties to work for the betterment
of the Pakistani citizens.

The double standards of recent rulers have created more problems than any other third party. They first fell into a self created controversy of restoring the judiciary, which the restored after spending too much time in a futile practice.