Vida Samadzai eliminate from reality show Bigg Boss 5

Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai, who has been eliminated from the Big Boss 5 on Saturday night, says that she got voted out of the house because she did not pick up fight with everybody. She was feeling relieved after getting eliminated from the reality show.

She was the first Afghan women, who participated in Bigg Boss house and she was the seventh contestant, who was expelled from the house after Raageshwari, Gulabo, Nihita Biswas, Lakshmi, Shakti Kapoor, whereas Sonika Kaliraman had willingly quit the show.

The model and actress, Vida had a peaceful stay inside the house and she was not involved in any gossips and major fights, so she thinks that there is no place in the house for a quiet person because public only want to see some controversies.

Vida told the media that, "My experience in the house was enriching… I learnt a lot and have become a more balanced person now. Although the fights in the house were emotionally draining it made me a stronger person."

She also held responsible Pooja Missra for majority fights in the house and quoted, "Pooja Missra is just not a nice person. She has problems with everyone in the house and picked up fight with everybody. I was fed up of her and just stayed away from her.
She is simply doing all of this to stay in the show and for TRP’s.”

There was lot of excitement as Desi Boyz co-stars John Abraham and Akshay Kumar entered in the house to promote their upcoming film. Salman Khan and John finally buried the hatchet and interacted with each other and even danced together.

However, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt asked question to John about whom he really liked in the house? Then John replied with his shy smile that it was Mahek Chahal.

On November 20, the 30-year-old Sunny Leone will enter in the house, but it is not clear how many days she will stay in the Bigg Boss 5. Let see, what fun the views will have in the next episodes of reality show.