Since the time history was preserved on pieces of paper, war has been a certain chapter of it that never has an end. The centuries old history of Muslims fighting to protect their values and Brit and Americans fighting their war
for control has filled up thousands of libraries regarding historic wars.

However, as the world grew older, or we should say younger, a far more technological era emerged and the nature of war became much more concentrated and convoluted. ‘Cold-War’ was a technique used by the American and the Russian
after the Second World War ended.

This tactic was used because Russia had made itself Nuclear just after the American used their first Nuclear weapon on Japan. The main approach was rather a fight for allies. The more support a country has from other countries,
more powerful the country gets.

The tactic that American used was Civil wars. Raising war in a country that does not support the Americans and support a group that does and help them come into power. Americans with the help of the Zionist group, provided a victory
against Russia, and then they were the only super power standing by the end of the 70s’.

However, there was a hidden threat that the Americans did not see, China. Anyhow, the technique was changed by China. The race for allies changed to race of economy as the Chinese penetrated throughout the world market.

A fact that no one denies is that America is in search of oil and control over the Asian continent, because Asia is full of resources which if discovered, would be a fortune for that specific country. The Chinese have no problem
as their way of economic growth is totally different than the America.

The only thing American is left behind with is propagating war on countries that have hidden reservoirs of oil. And for that, they either have to buy oil or to snatch it away. However, these steps are slowly leading towards a huge
disaster or should we say war, World War 3.

Decimating Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Egypt has built up negativity for the Americans. However, now they are blocked. With Russians supporting Iran and the Chinese backing Pakistan, Americans, if tend to make a move on either
of the two countries, then that is the point where the sky would fill up with rockets and blood would be just another colour on the ground.