Pakistan Physics genius Dr. Abdus Salam’s death anniversary goes unremembered

Pakistan’s only Nobel Laureate and Physics genius Dr. Abdus Salam still could not get the appreciation from all the Pakistanis, its media and from many individuals who still behave in a certain wrong ideological way that Dr Abdus Salam should not be treated
as he belonged to Ahmadiyya community.

His 15th death anniversary goes unremembered on Monday and was not commemorated in the country despite his contribution of giving Pakistan a very positive recognition on the face of World. His works in Physics had been appreciated for a long time
and still many Physics’ giants value the work he had done in the field of Physics.

Born and studied in Pakistan, Dr. Abdus Salam went on to achieve the very best that many just dream in their lives. He won the Nobel Prize for unification of the weak nuclear force with the electromagnetic force in 1979. Though he shared this prize with
two other scientists Steven Weinberg and Sheldon Glashow but being a Pakistani and winning Nobel Prize was certainly a big surprise for outer world who never thought that a Pakistani could win this precious award.                                                                                                                         

Dr. Salam’s research in elementary particles of physics was the most appreciative part of his genius. He indulged himself for over 40 years researching and received Smith’s Prize from Cambridge University where he later went to teach and never worked in
Pakistan since then instead just visited the country as an adviser on science.

After winning and receiving the world wide recognition from his Nobel Prize winning research, he founded International Centre for Theoretical (ICT) in Italy where he wanted to provide latest expertise in the development of Physics the way he wanted. His
initiative was to develop a lifelong funded Centre that will stay active even after his death.

Dr. Abdus Salam also did very important assignments for United Nations on different occasions with different capacities. He was named Scientific Secretary Geneva Conferences on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in 1955 and 1958 along with some different description
of work as elected Member of the Board of Governors, TAEA, Vienna Member, UN Advisory Committee on Science and Technology, Elected Chairman UN Advisory Committee on Science and Technology, Member UN Panel and Foundation Committee for the UN University, Member
UN University Advisory Committee, Member Council University of Peace (Costa Rica) and Elected Chairman Unesco Advisory Panel on Science, Technology and Society.                                      



  1. Prof. Dr. Abdus salam is he hero of Pakistan but today the young generation of Pakistan don’t know him. here is only one paragraph in the 10 physics book. while he is the only nobel laureate of the country