Be a fool to be happy

Two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. But not in that order. It was said by Albert Einstein and it begs no description to elaborate.  The present world is a perfect arena to play and paradise to live in but only for fools.
For the normal and sane people is world is no less than a hell. See around, how the fools are burning the both ends of candle and how wise are struggling to make both ends meeting?

Just snoop back in the pages of history and learn how the fools have ruled over world and how wise paved the way for them. A genius is born to serve whereas a fool to be served. The intellectuals, scientists, artists, poets and historians have licked the
feet of their emperors throughout their lives but have always stressed that knowledge is a power.

What kind of power knowledge has when it makes the man bound of many unseen chains? How disguising it is that a learnt man is always inferior to an illiterate ruler. Though, he has tried to hide his complex of being deprived, but for how long he would be
concealing himself. Reality is always a very bitter dish to digest but it is hard to hide at the same time as well.

Knowledge has weakened the man over the years. He is now just beating about the bush and making no sense whatsoever. He has put himself into nutshell for the sake security. A vast world has become a blind alley for him. He has managed to make it a global
village but he is aware what is going on in his neighborhood. He has reached to moon and trying to pollute the surface of Mars but never bothered to know the secret of being great.

A great is who, that has the access to the latest facilities of the world. A great is not that, who has gone through tens of thousands books and can speak volume about anything under the sky. Talks never fill the belly; books can’t be read with an empty

To be continued….