Shahrukh Khan claims Don 2 is original

Bollywood’s star Shahrukh Khan has claimed that his upcoming action flick ‘Don 2’ is completely original and has no similarities with any other movie or a television show.

Recently, it was rumoured in the Indian media that a few sequences in Don 2 have been inspired by a popular American TV series ‘Prison Break.’

The director of the movie Farhan Akhtar has always been appreciated for coming up with original ideas and might not like such rumours. 

However, there were also some claims made that Shahrukh himself would have given the idea of using the same theme as Prison Break in his upcoming flick.

Such reports did not please the King Khan and he said that he was unaware of where such reports have been coming from recently.

According to SRK, “My producers Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar and I are wondering where such stories come from. Even when we made the original 2006 version of Don; we had done our due diligence and taken whatever permissions where there to be sought from
the script point of view.”

The India superstar further added, “The media must also look into the merits of the entire case before reporting. After all many people have worked hard on the script. I have full respect for the media and I know that 99 per cent of the people do not fall
for wrong leads; however even that one percent who tend to get swayed must try and hear out both versions of a story.”

The Indian media has been a little harsh on SRK in recent times, as his recently released science fiction movie Ra One was criticised for its weak script.

However, this negative criticism did not bother Shahrukh and he said that it was nice to see everyone discussing Ra One.

Earlier, the producers of the most expensive Bollywood movie in history claimed that they should have been given credit for giving a new direction to the film industry.

Although the movie did not get good ratings, it earned a lot of popularity and fans in the country turned out in huge numbers to see the superhero flick.

Just like that, Shahrukh will be expecting a positive response from the fans after releasing Don 2.