Accepting the bitter realities

The so-called intellectuals have made the life so complicated that we often refuse accepting it due to its prevailing ugliness. They say life is the name of sacrificing. Life is meaningless until we devote it for others. We make large compromises to lead
the life and ultimately loss its charms. We seek various supports to make the life colorful and forget to return those colors on the due date which is actually the worst example of selfishness.

Love and hate are the two dominating aspects of our lives. Everybody has the desire to love and to be loved. Unfortunately love has been defined mostly in romantic meanings or in materialistic terms. The selfless love and respect has become the part of out-dated
history or word ‘selfless’ is created by idealists and directionless scholars, who had always provided the humanity meaningless horizons to kill their energies on.

 Take the example of a newly born child. He is warmly welcomed by already existing crew of family members. They entitle the newcomer as an angle and everybody want to touch the innocent devil as a sacred thing. Spontaneous kisses and hugs are received from
everywhere. The child grows up and things turn around. Parents start investing on him and from here onward the unending journey of selfishness takes underway.

If the child is returning the investments of his parents he is appreciated, otherwise he is cursed despite being unaware of whole situation. Where does the selfless love of parents stand at that point? One may exploit the situation while stating that the
parents never do anything against the interests of their siblings. The word ‘interests’ descries the whole drama of our double standard society and is often misinterpreted by them. The can never determine the interests of children. Is the snatching of a child’s
childhood is more precious than worldly materials?

Countless people have been exploited at the name of love. Love means what? Love is actually the name of feelings. It is one sided in its true nature returns should not be expected otherwise it will be polluted. You love someone it is purely your decision.
Someone doesn’t love you it is his or her so why hues and cry over that. How can you make yourself a standard to test a man either he is loyal or not?

This may start with tender desires of just watching the blue eyed from a safe distance but slowly and steadily the wildish nature of man backtracks from its initial agendas and start thinking beyond that.

To be continued….