How Sherry Rehman was able to win back the confidence of her part leadership?

Ms. Sherry Rehman, who was once the most, detested traits in Pakistan People Party after she decided to resign as an information minister when the movement for restoring the deposed judges was in it’s final period, has now gained one of the most important
seat, Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States, just one day after the resignation of Hussain Haqqani.

Because of this history, it was not less than a surprise for several fractions of PPP along with the diplomatic circle and bureaucracy. Because as per the knowledge of these fractions, Ms. Sherry Rehman had lost the trust of President Asif Ali Zardari after
withdrawing from her duties at a crucial stage.

President Zardari was very angry with her because he thinks that Sherry left them believing that the movement of restoring the deposed judges might sank their government. However, fortunately for Presidently Zardari and his team that didn’t happen and their
party remained in power since then despite of several hick ups.  

Apart from this Sherry Rehman had also violated PPP’s code of conduct, as the party barred it’s members from taking part in a specific talk show on a private channel. On that misconduct, party had also issued her a show cause notice.

However, after that Sherry Rehman got cautious and unlike Senator Safdar Abbasi, she avoided to go against or criticize her party’s leadership. After remaining low for quite some time the lady with the killer diplomatic skills got active behind the scenes
and soon her efforts started paying out dividends.

PPP started calling her again in their mainstream meetings and once again Sherry Rehman was able to win back the lost confidence of his party leadership. It was because of her “quiet diplomacy” policy that the party had also concerned her name as a foreign
minister after Shah Mehmood Qureshi resigned from his post.

However, for unknown reasons, Sherry Rehman failed to win that post, but in appreciation of her loyalty to the party, President Zardari made her the head of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society. However, after the memorandum episode, PPP finally brought her
in the lime light by giving her the post which matches her skills.

However, only the time will whether Sherry Rehman’s diplomatic skills bring any positive change in US and Pakistan’s relations.