iPhone Spy App: How to Track Text Messages and Calls on iPhone 4?

Tracking call and message history on iPhone 4 has become easy now with the stunning iPhone spy app, which was launched by Mobile Spy. The iPhone spy app includes many features like e-mail
reading, GPS tracking and browser history along with viewing call logs and text messages.

iPhone spy app is directly installed onto an iPhone through the phone’s internet browser. Once it is installed, the iPhone spy app enables the user to monitor an iPhone, like tracking
the iPhone’s location, listen to live calls and surroundings. Not only that, it also allows the user to read e-mails, see the browser history and record text message history.

How it works?

iPhone spy app is the latest high-tech cell phone surveillance. This software permits individuals to install software, which is more like a monitoring system, directly onto the iPhone
to watch over the activities being performed.

The user has to install this latest iPhone spy app onto the phone that is to be monitored. After the Installation, it goes into the background and silently records activity such as text
messages and call information and upload this data to the individual’s private Mobile Spy account using the Internet. The software also tracks GPS locations every 30 minutes whenever a signal is available.

The results can be viewed by simply logging in to the Online Control Panel from any web browser, including iPhone’s.

iPhone spy app features:

Read Text Messages: This iPhone spy app feature allows the user to read all incoming and outgoing text messages on the iPhone. It records full contents even if the messages are deleted
after being read.

Call History: This feature of iPhone spy app provides visibility of all the call logs on the iPhone. A complete call log is shown with the name associated to each number, which is stored
in the address book of the iPhone.

Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring feature of iPhone spy app changes an iPhone into a remote listening device. When the user calls the iPhone with spy software, the iPhone spy app detects
the caller’s number but will not notify about the incoming call. The iPhone spy app will automatically answer the incoming call, enabling the individual to listen to the surroundings.

GPS Tracking: This iPhone spy app feature helps tracking an iPhone. The iPhone spy app will give the users to receive continuous GPS coordinates the iPhone you are tracking. These GPS
coordinates use Google Maps and give a clear picture where the iPhone is.

iPhone spy app can help doing following tasks:

  • Parents can monitor the children’s cell phone to look for signs of sms bullying, sexual abuse, or involvement in prohibited activities.
  • iPhone spy app can also help monitoring an employee’s use of their iPhone.
  • It can also help to store data of important messages, call logs and emails.