Having read, heard and to some extent experienced the nation’s sufferings of past 65 years, some of the Pakistani youngsters are so sick of the word ‘politics’ that they hate to cast their votes. This approach, which has been taking roots since the dawn
of the 21st century, has strengthened during last couple of years due to the free flow of information and persistence of violent social system.

Their concerns and resentment are justified but the anti-vote approach is discouraging. It shows the elements of disappointment which does not suit to the calibre of an ethical human being and true believer of God.

Alienation, separation and isolation are not solutions, they are problems which lead towards marginalisation. By staying away from a quagmire, you can never think of solving it, rather it gets more perplexed. Positive and constructive involvement is mandatory
to bring some good change.

I get shocked when I hear the youngsters saying that they are not going to cast votes in the next general elections. Believe me, if you do not use your civil right, the illiterate and silly voters will again mandate the same rotten politicians to sit in
the parliament and exploit us. By staying away from the political system, you will do nothing except darkening your future.

As it is evident from the history that almost seventy percent of our vote bank lies in the rural or sub-urban areas where people are habitual to sale their votes on the basis of family relations, ethnic attachments or religious lines. So it does not make
a big difference if some of the educated youngsters of the urban areas do not go for votes. But we have to change this corrupt electoral system and bring in a fair procedure through which we can elect the right administrators.

We can do this only by ensuring an active participation in the politics. This time, the scenario is different from those of past elections. Imran Khan and his party, Paksitan Tehreek-i-Insaf, have become potential competitors of the dynastical parties and
conventional politicians. On the slogan of change, Khan has gathered the support of a large number of people and he is likely to get a breakthrough in the next elections.

This is a good sign and option for those who do not vote because of non availability of a righteous candidate. Now, Khan is here as a third choice for the voters after Pakistan People Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (PML). PTI is a ray of hope for
those whose hearts are going to dip down in the ditch of disillusionment and passivism. Such people must rejuvenate their courage and gird up their lines to support Khan so that he may bring change in the country.

In the end, I suggest all those, who have pledged not to vote, to change their mindset and use the power of their conscientious to revolutionise the society and make this part of planet a beautiful place of living.