Imran Khan prepares himself to win the Pakistan ‘World Cup’

After an unbelievable procession in Lahore at the historic monument Minar-e-Pakistan which was deemed as one of the biggest gathering in the history of the country, the former captain of Pakistan cricket team and chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)
Imran Khan addressed thousands of supporters once again in the most recent rally in Chakwal and reiterated his party massage ‘Change Will Come’.

Some of the major problems in Pakistan are corruption, inflation and violation of human rights. Imran Khan has been talking about to respond to these dilemmas for years which is why the chairman of PTI has gained so much popularity in recent times after
people has realized that the traditional politics in Pakistan is tearing apart the country and change is the only way to address the major issues.

Imran Khan, who turned 59 today, talked about the same concern with the people of Chakwal on Thursday. The former Pakistani captain said that old-fashioned politics which is based on corruption and deterioration of the human rights cannot change the fate
of the country. Imran Khan believes that youth is the biggest asset of Pakistan and he is proving a platform for the young generation to step up and do something important for the country.

In 1992, Imran Khan won the cricket world cup at the time when everybody was anticipating an early exit of the Pakistani team from the tournament. Now, when people are hopeless due to increasing corruption, shortage of petroleum, gas and electricity and
unemployment, the chairman of PTI Imran Khan is determined to win the Pakistan world cup against the system in which rich gets richer and life of the poor becomes more miserable.  

“Minor office holders have been put behind bars while big fish are protected by the NRO. It is now time to win the Pakistan “World Cup”, Imran Khan said.

Imran Khan is the only hope left for the people of Pakistan and his increasing popularity day in and day out is clear evidence that people want to see change.