Imran says Pakistani people motivated for an inevitable change

Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, while addressing a gathering in Chakwal, has said that people of Pakistan are motivated for an inevitable change for their better future. He claimed his party would take out the country from worst crises being
faced at the moment. He also said that the current government has failed to deliver the masses and it has rather added to their miseries during last four years.

Talking about the NRO issue, Khan said that double standards should now come to an end. He argued that rule of justice should be insured and everyone who commits the crime should be treated according to law without any discrimination. Furthermore, highlighting
the dominant lawlessness in the country, he said that, “If the biggest culprit becomes the president how could other criminals be brought to the book. We all have to fight for the survival of Pakistan which is being destroyed by a tiny corrupt mafia ruling
the country for years. If an ordinary person commits theft out of poverty he is jailed, but an NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) comes to the rescue of big dacoits.”

Imran Khan, who has been focusing on the youth of Pakistan, asked them to play a vital role for bringing the much needed change in country. He addressed them in a straight way and said that, It’s the war for your future. If you don`t join it your future
will be dark and the country will continue to suffer. Our country is replete with numerous resources and the people of this country are hardworking and talented but a corrupt system neither could utilise the resources nor it could provide better facilities
to people.”

Khan also lashed out at PLN-N and said that opposition has not played any role to stop government from bare corruption and rather it has spent Rs9 billion on their palace in Raiwind from public money. He also condemned Ch Nisar Ali Khan the chairman of Public
Accounts Committee for not raising the issue in national assembly regarding the corruption of his own party leadership.

Khan has been travelling all around the country to gain maximum in forthcoming general elections.