Could the Dirty Picture be dirty enough without Emraan being dirty himself?

One of the most hyped movies of winter 2011 is the male protagonist Emraan Hashmi’s The Dirty Picture. But never-the-less, this hype is not for Emraan, rather it is for the true protagonist in the movie Vidya Balan, whose dare bare act in a lead controversial
film is the new talk of town.

Emraan’s new movie indeed takes the “serial kisser” tag off of the energetic star, testing his versatility in acting. He has already been opting bold and aggressive roles in his previous hits like Murder, Jannat and Once Upon A Time in Mumbai. Although the
star was adamant of the fact that his chocolate image was not at stake in the new movie saying, “You can’t make a dirty picture without Emraan Hashmi”; the film however, gives a hint of gravity in his cluster.

The Dirty Picture is expected to be bold and provocative, yet staying within the limits of decency and the word dirty being merely subjective. Emraan’s image, appropriate to some and out of proportion to others, but indeed he must be credited of the fact
for building an audience for his ever expanding horizons.

Generally it is seen that Emraan Hashmi is on the steering wheel in each of Bhatt’s production, but The Dirty Picture evolves around a female character and shares most of the screen space on Vidya Balan. Besides that, Naseer-ud-din Shah is playing the main
bold male character and taken Emraan’s usually mantle in the film.

The role of Abraham, given to Emraan Hashmi is the artistic film maker, who required a rather contemporary look while everybody else takes the stage with the look of the 80’s. He is often seen challenging the ideologies of the people of the era and walking
his own path. His insight to logics in the film making was mandatory and the same reason being, it is speculated that Abraham focuses more to Mahesh Bhatt’s real-life character.

Emraan told the media, “It’s not part of the script but yeah, I have probably subconsciously borrowed from him. In his time he was a rebellious director who did things his own way. There was traditional Bollywood cinema and there were his type of films.
He was also very headstrong and volatile, like my character Abraham.”

Overall, the movie expected to release next month, portrays the rise and fall of sex-siren in the late 80s and 90s; and is highly anticipated to do good business in the film industry.