Pak Army and our national integrity

 Pakistan has passed through many critical phases during its 65 years of independence. Every phase has left undeletable effects on our social, economic and geographical conditions. After every debacle, national leadership has tried hiding the facts from
public which has often made the situation even adverse situation as the real culprits are never exposed. Take the examples of Shimla delegation, Skoot-e-Dhaka (Separation of East Pakistan), Cargill War or of Abbottbad operation in which Usama bin Laden was
martyred, the truth has never come out.

Pakistan, after the incident of 9/11, quite unnecessarily, jumped into the so-called war of terrorism and became an ally of America and NATO for the regional peace. It was a dictators’ decision and so we reaped the consequences. Interestingly, Musharraff
was the COAS at that time so the core commanders must had backed him for such a filthy move.

America along with its allies failed to get the desired results even at the expense of countless local and its own soldiers and took turn in its policy to put the whole mess on Pakistan and its military. Pakistan, since last few months is being tried to
be made a scapegoat, as many acts of violence has been occurred inside its borders by NATO forces.

The violation of Pakistan’s territorial sovereignty on one side, numbers of ‘precious’ lives of several military figures has been lost, which is the matter of great concern for Kayani and co. Though, Pakistan should have taken a stern stance over the killing
of civilians in drone attacks but as we know civilians are inferiors to military, so hues and cries of our arm forces are quite understandable.  

Everyone is shocked at the fresh acts violence by NATO forces in which 24 military personals were martyred. But the lesson to be learnt is that Pakistan Army stands for what? Just for the protection of its own institution or its goal is wider than that?

The military and civil leadership should revise their policies towards it relations with America and war on terror for the betterment of whole Pakistan.