Complimenting someone for anything these days turn out to be an agonizing experience for some reason, not with everyone of course but definitely with the majority. I am a girl myself but I would admit that it is far more prevalent in girls than it is in
guys. You tell them that the dress suits you ‘ooohhhhhhh I’ve a dozen like these’, you tell them that the new hair cut goes with your cuts and features, ‘oooohhh don’t ask I had such thick, lovely, shiny………………..’ and it will just not end.

God forbid if one of your friends is discussing her financial issues that what they had before and where have they ended up recently, in the presence of one of the sorts I have just described above, your friend will regret that she was ever taught how to
speak. What will happen is that ‘the sort’ will start babbling and boosting about her ‘fantasies’ which would just be a centimeter away from have lived in Prince Fahad’s palace and if you do not make an effort to stop her, she has the ability to even imagine
the Prince serving her himself.

What happens is that just because of ‘these sorts’ you prefer keeping your mouth shut because you do not want to degrade and make your genuine issues and problems seem to be plastic just because they have all the wrong things to say. The beauty of truth,
even if it is a bitter one is that the confidence and assurity with which it is spoken reflects volumes and the opposite applies and holds true for those who come up with a world that they have never seen let alone lived in as their expressions and style of
speech just does not support what they are saying.

Firstly I have already said that it does not apply to everyone and secondly there is no reason at all not to think of living luxuriously but then one should know that there are sacrifices to be made and way too much hard work to be put in. Just being verbal
does not make things practical