Movies based on novels use to be made once the novels grew really famous, earned billions, got translated into various other languages, got awards and there were more indicators that to quite an extent assured the success of movies. Nowadays however this
is all based commercially only, the release of movies is announced easily a year before so that the people keep waiting eagerly and then rush to the cinemas once the movie comes out.

Besides deteriorating the quality of movies that were made once, this trend of converting nearly every book written into movies has also distorted the whole essence of reading. As if it was already easy to instill the habit of reading in young children,
now they wait for the movie instead of reading the look. They do get proficient as far as their verbal capabilities are concerned but their writing and comprehending skills really go down the drain.

Parents are the best models of good reading behavior. They should make sure that they are taking time to read each day, along with their teens. Parents can encourage teens to take some time each day for reading for pleasure. Allow teens to read whatever
medium appeals to them: newspapers, magazines, fiction or nonfiction books, e-books; they all count as reading material. They can also make sure that their teens have regular transportation to the library and are given ample time to select materials that appeal
to them.

The parents also need to emphasise that it is not sufficient to only read fiction because non-fiction is equally rather way more important and leads to further refined individual intellects. Yet again it is about striking the right balance between what the
children need, what they want and what exactly do they get in the end.

I am not saying that the children or young adults should not watch movies at all but it is crucial to drill in the habit of regular and sensible reading habit at home and at school too. Once it does get developed there is hardly a phase in life where one
will feel alone.