Two brothers got engaged to their first cousins whom they also loved. In turn, the two sisters too had the intimate feelings for their cousins. Both the families idealised the couples as perfect ones. All were happy. Everything was smooth. Not even a single
objection came from any side. After two years of engagements, the two sides decided to wed the couples. A date was fixed and preparations for grand marriage ceremonies began. Invitation cards were published and distributed among relatives and dear ones. A
banquet hall was booked for the function. Just a couple of days were left to go for the gala event when an accident happened.

A hot phone call was received from the girls’ family and the entire building of pleasures collapsed in twinkling of an eye. Both the ties were broken the four hearts cracked in a single moment. There were tears and mourns everywhere. It seemed that the some
obituary had put all in shock.

However, the boys’ family, in a bid to save their ego, decided to find some alternative girls over nightly so that they arranged the ceremony on due date. A murderous search began. All close relatives and friends were called up to find two sister girls and
convince their family on emergency marriages.

At least, two sister girls were found in the locality. The both were school students and their parents had not even though about their future yet.  A respectable old woman of the village was assigned the task against huge amount of money.

The new girls’ parents were shocked to get the proposal and their surprise knew no bonds when they are asked to wed their daughters after five hours. They refused in the beginning as they, according to the shitty norm, had nothing to give dowry. Moreover,
they considered their daughters to be too young to marry.

The woman, who had pledged to accomplish the task, declared that she would not step out of the girls’ house until she got their parents’ consent. After a hue and cry of at least three hours, the parents had no option accept getting agreed. The sisters’ opinions
were not sought at all. The boys came, the Mullah came and Nikah was done at 2am.

Just after one hour, the two girls, who returned from school at noon and decided to complete their pending homework by staying awake till late at night, were in the bedrooms of their respective husbands. Having been stripped off from homework, there was
assigned tempestuous tasks for which, they were not neither mentally prepared not capable yet. Their schooling was discarded. Both the sisters, who were dreaming for becoming doctors an hour ago, were now merely house wives for the whole life.

Is not this unfair? Is not this immoral? Is not this inhuman? Yes, this is. But no one can stop such oppressive things which help us saving our ‘egos’. What a hell!

 This is a real story of a distant village of North Punjab, happened a few days back.