Failure of Pakistan film industry – Part Two

Continued from the previous part …

In Pakistan, a movie is usually made for an audience which is not educated and does not have a taste for art or aesthetics. They would just come to cinema to see action fights or vulgar sort of a dance of a female dancer.

The need of the hour is to create movies which have proper themes and subjects rather than the “Gandasa Culture”. 

The censorship policy of the Pakistan film industry needs a rethink. While examining films, the censor board can eliminate public exhibition of a film or any part thereof which is likely to:

1. Impair accepted moral standards and social value by glorification of vice or crime:

2. Give offence to any section of the public or injure the feelings of any class of persons:

3. Hurt national sentiments:

4.  Contains dialogues, songs, speeches, dances, jokes or gesture which are obviously vulgar obscene or indecent:

5. Undermines Islam: or

6.  Ridicules, disparages or attacks any religious sect caste and creed.

I do not think that a proper film can be made by following all the above mentioned clauses of the censor board.

After the decade of 1970’s, Pakistani film producers concentrated on making profit rather than using the medium of film as a serious mean of communication. Their mentality is to spend 10 lacks on a movie and they would be satisfied if they can earn about
2/3 lacks of profit. Whereas, they should be concentrating on highlighting the problems and issues of the society and take film as an art form.

Maula Jatt released in 1979. It was a super hit and that movie actually changed the trend of the Pakistani film industry towards more violence based movies. Gangsters were shown as heroes of the society.

The government of Pakistan has never been kind to the Pakistan film industry. In India, the government gives complete support to their film industry. This is the reason why they have flourished enormously. Apart from that, majority of the time, Pakistan
has been ruled by dictators who never gave any importance to the film industry. The era of Zia ul Haq was the worst for Pakistan film industry.

It is about time that the people who matter realize the importance of film as a medium of communication. Pakistan can surely convey its point of view to the rest of the world through this medium, which is rated as one of the most effective ones, when it
comes to communicating a message.