‘The Dirty Picture’ still in trouble as High Court reserves orders it

One of the most-anticipated upcoming films of this year, ‘The Dirty Picture’, which has been directed by Milan Luthria and produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor, is still facing trouble as Justice
Vilas Afzalpurkar of the High Court reserved his orders to Thursday on a petition that wanted the film to be released.

‘The Dirty Picture’, which will have Vidya Balan playing the main role, is facing a legal obligation after Vadlapatla Naga Vara Prasada Rao, brother of Silk Smitha, filed a case against the filmmakers
of ‘The Dirty Film’ for making a film on his late sister’s life without taking consent of his family.

Prasada Rao has also accused the filmmakers for exaggerating things and making the film with unrealistic and obscene shots.

However, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) counsel, B Mayur Reddy, after seeing provisions of Cinematographic Act, 1952, believes the court will get no benefits with the review of its decision.

Though ‘The Dirty Picture’ has been made of Telugu actress Silk Smitha, who committed suicide a few years ago, Reddy stated ‘The Dirty Picture’ has no resemblance with the life of Rao’s sister Silk Smitha.

"It bears no similarity to her life and the movie is all about several such aspirants in the film industry who go to Mumbai to make it big in the Bollywood. Some would succeed and some fail," he said.

"The film is about one such actress called Reshma who goes to
Bollywood and succeeds initially but later fails and commits suicide,” he said. "If the word ‘Silk’ is used in the film then the petitioner can file a civil suit for damages,” he said.

‘The Dirty Picture’ which is due to release on December 2, 2011 on the birth anniversary of Smitha has also been given with an A certificate by the Censor Board of India and Reddy thinks the Censor Board
above all.

“The Censor Board is our final certification authority. And if any one says anything against it, it amounts to devaluing the power of the board,” Tanuj points out, adding that the board has sent its reply
to the court.