Copying William Shakespeare, I would like to opine that “Happiness is the thing that is very uncommon in this world”. To prove my notion, I suggest you to examine a set of ten people and you will find each of them suffering one way or the other. Why so?
Just because of the fact that we unknowingly possess resentful feelings against some person, place, thing or moment.

Hatred is the only thing that makes us suffer continuously. Just think, when we do not like a thing, we do not want to see it, hear about it and experience it. We try our utmost to snub it. We are eager to get rid of it. In this entire process, we keep thinking
all the time, forming heinous plans in our minds and working to executive them. While involving ourselves in this mess, we skip many delightful things from our lives. We forget what we are and why we are. There are anger, stress, worry and fear all around.
The end result is restlessness.

Just stop here and think for a single moment that what about the life we are supposed to live by the nature. If we are not living a happy life, we are not living life actually.

Here I would like to define the word ‘happiness’ in order to clear the ambiguities that some pseudo intellectuals attach with it. Happiness never means drinking, dancing, smoking, love-making or dinning. All these things, which we generally mean for happiness,
produce stress ultimately. They seem to be charming and give just transitory pleasure.

To me and to all spiritual scholars, who know themselves, happiness stands for self-satisfaction, self confidence and self-love—-I have used the word ‘self-love’ because of the fact that unless we love ourselves, we cannot be happy.

Now we come to the point. How can we get happiness? What is the formula of achieving this rare blessing? Nothing else, but the elimination of hatred. Elimination from the depths of our thoughts. Now the question is that how can we do this? The simple and
only way is to control the mind. This is somewhat difficult but easily attainable at the same time.

Mind is everything. We become what we think. Mind controls our lives. All these phrases are cent percent true. I would like to add one more “we suffer just because of our mind”.

In order to control the mind; just reserve a few moments from your life, sit in your bedroom and do nothing except noting which thoughts are descending into your mind. Be the observer and see what your mind is doing and what will be the consequences of these
thoughts. Then use the common sense and evaluate which thought can give you happiness and which not. Then pick those which can give you happiness.

In the end, I would like to clarify one thing. Most people strongly believe that anger, hatred and other such type of negative things are results of emotions. Very wrong. Emotions are nothing except a by-product of thoughts. Only mind stimulates emotions.
Have a happy life.