Pooja Misrra, Dolly Bindra or Mike Tyson to make a wild card entry in Bigg Boss Season 5

The producers of “Bigg Boss Season 5” are expected to take the drama inside the house to a completely new level by bringing back the loud and allegedly violent MTV VJ Pooja Misrra, who was recently evicted from the house due to violation of the house rules,
through a wild card entry.

According to the celebrity publicist and Bigg Boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar, the public has been feeling the absence of Pooja inside the house and wants to see her return to further spice up the show. Referring to her as a soft-hearted and simple person,
Bhagwagar admitted that the 27-year-old could truly transform into a ferocious tigress within a split of a second, with a capability of raising hell in the house.

Finding herself nominated for eviction from the house every single week since the start of the show, Pooja had found herself under constant stress. To make matters worse, she found it hard to connect to the rest of her peers, which left her isolated and
seriously misunderstood. Despite all this, the public had managed to come to her rescue every week, much to the evident dismay of the other housemates.

The celebrity publicist admitted that Pooja had consulted her before accepting the invitation to the Bigg Boss house in the beginning and was still in touch with him after eviction. However, he refrained from explicitly revealing if the MTV VJ would really
be return back into the house or not.

Aside from Misrra, the Bigg Boss shot-callers are also considering to give the wild card entry slot to Dolly Bindra, who had treated the viewers to a heavy dose of drama and fights in the previous season of the reality show.

According to a source who wishes for its identity to remain anonymous, “Dolly is going to enter the house as a guest. The date of her entry and duration of stay are still being worked upon. The channel decided to call her on huge audience demand that she
could add drama to the house like no one else.”

Another source revealed that the boxing legend Mike Tyson has been approached by the reality show shot-callers as well, though there is very little that is known between the fate of the meeting that took between the two parties.

The show producers have remained mum about their plans with the wild card entry slot, though the mystery is expected to unravel in a matter of days. It sure would be interesting to see who gets to enter or, in Pooja’s case, re-enter the house in the next
few days.