A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin: Review – A Song of Ice and Fire Part 2

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The first book in author George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series which was titled A Game of Thrones, set a number of wheels in motion for a number of characters within the book’s universe. The second book continued their stories in spectacular fashion.

First and foremost, A Clash of Kings is the perfect title for the book as the entire realm is at war with each other. I will not go into too many details as not only is there a chance that what I share here will ruin the experience of this book, but it could
also give away some of the twists and turns that made the first book such a wonderful experience.

With a number of self-proclaimed kings at war with each other, the reader is introduced to a character that was much talked about in the first book but readers never got to see things from his perspective. Stannis Baratheon is another fine addition to the
roster of already impressive characters and he soon becomes a person many readers will love or hate but all will respect.

The politics, backstabbing, honour and betrayal which made A Game of Thrones so enjoyable returns in full swing as allegiances are made and broke and honour is won and lost. Jon Snow gets more time with the readers as do the usual cast of suspects.

However, a Clash of Kings has its own unique theme and style to it, without straying too far from the original; one really does get the feel that each character has his own separate path and each with his or her own mission they have to accomplish.

There are just as many twists and turns in the second book as there were in the first, though once again George R. R. Martin manages leave the reader with another cliff-hanger which will ensure that if nothing else, the reader will want to get himself a
copy of the next book in the series.