Al-Qaeda vows of kidnapping US in Pakistan

Al-Qaeda, which is working for the freedom of Afghanistan and to free the Islamic world from western imperialism, has claimed of kidnapping the US citizens from Pakistan. The Jehadi organisation has asked the US to release Muslim prisoners from its jails
and also asked for stooping the air-strikes in side Muslim territory.

According to details, a social worker named Warren Weinstein, working in North Wazirstan, was held by Al-Qaeda and they have demanded the release of Muslim prisoners to get the man free. High quality global journalism requires investment.

Mr Weinstein, who has lived in Pakistan for years and speaks Urdu, had been working on a project in the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.

There has been no independent confirmation that Mr Weinstein is being held by al-Qaeda or its allies, though Mr Zawahiri’s statement will fuel concerns that he is indeed in the hands of Islamist extremists.

”Just as the Americans detain all whom they suspect of links to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, even remotely, we detained this man who has had an active part in American aid to Pakistan since the seventies,” Mr Zawahiri said in the video, according to the SITE
website, which monitors messages from militants.

Mr Weinstein was the Pakistan country director of J.E. Austin Associates, a US-based company that advises Pakistani businesses and government agencies.

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The US said it remained concerned about Mr Weinstein’s safety. “US officials, including the FBI, are assisting in the Pakistani-led investigation,” Joanne Moore, a spokeswoman for the State Department, said.

Western officials say al-Qaeda’s core leadership in Pakistan has been decimated in recent years, due largely to a campaign of drone strikes near the Afghan border that has severely limited the group’s ability to plan operations on anything approaching the
scale of the 9/11 terror attacks.

If al-Qaeda is confirmed to be holding Mr Weinstein, the kidnapping would suggest the group’s members in Pakistan are still intent on harming western interests, but that their capacity has been drastically reduced.