Bollywood’s star actor, John Abraham has denied the speculations that the captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is all set to work in his movie.

“There’s absolutely no truth to it,” Abraham spoke to the media.

Earlier, it was surrounding in the media that Dhoni, who guided India to win the ICC World Cup 2011, has accepted Abraham’s offer to work in an Indian film.

However, the versatile star, who stated his film career in 2003 with a hit movie, Jism, clarified that he has not yet thought of offering Dhoni to work with him.  

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old hero termed the skipper of the Indian cricket team as his best buddy.

“The fact is that Dhoni and I are very close friends. Be it the cricketing fraternity or film world, I think my closet friend in the world would definitely be Mahi,” Abraham cited.

Moreover, he asserted that if he will feel that he should offer Dhoni to work in a film with him, he will do so.

According to him he and Dhoni share a lot with each other, therefore, they do not need any professional association to strengthen their friendship.

“If I ever make a film and feel the need for Mahi, I will definitely ask him. But at this point, there’s absolutely no truth to this news. The kind of faith Mahi and I have in each other has got nothing do with any kind of professional
relationship. Neither would I ask him to act in films, nor will he invite me to bat,” Bollywood star added.

In the meantime, India’s captain also refused that he is going to begin his film career, as Abraham asked him to do. “(I would do) anything for John! I can only tell you that we have not planned anything yet. But I would do anything
that John asks me to do. If he asks me to act in one of his films, I would gladly do that,” he stated.