NAB decided to remove dust from pending political cases

Numerous cases still awaits justice of National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Most of these unopened and undecided cases are related to famous political members. However, NAB has decided to remove dust from these files as their Chairman,
Faish Bukhari has ordered NAB officials to open all pending cases.

The chairman has formed a special committee for this purpose and directed the authorities at the regional offices to open all pending files.

The job of the committee is to examine all due pending cases and bring them to a conclusion so that the case can be closed.

According to the source, Fasih stressed to re-open all those cases, which were filed during previous governments on political grounds.

He ordered that if adequate evidence is available for trial in any inquiry, then the case should be filed in respective courts. However, if there not enough evidence, then the committee should not continue further investigation and
the case should be terminated.

Sources told that the purpose of speeding up the process and re-opening of the file is to send a message to all the politicians that NAB is not a playing tool for them. As soon as the government changes, the new government starts
accusing the previous government and call NAB to do accountability of it.

The meeting approved inquiry against the individuals including Raja Muhammad Kamal and Mushtaq Ahmed of the Senate Secretariat Housing Cooperative Housing Society, who are accused for illegal transfer of plots.

The bureau also called an inquiry for the obstinate defaults of Rs1.8billion at the Bank of Punjab (BOP). In this case, the bank approved loans to its borrowers, but the collateral against these finances were very modest as compared
to the amount sanctioned.

The members of the meeting also decided to send a final notice to Advocate Dr Abdul Basit to give back the money of Double Shah case to NAB, so they could return the amount to affected people.