Instead of creating a havoc……..well financial and otherwise when girls are about to get married or are in the age range of getting married I guess they should put their energies towards a proper and guided channel rather than running astray and following
the insanity that every girl does these days.

According to me if a girl wants to spend on her wedding and wants to spend outrageously then she should at least do the favour of earning and collecting something for the cause rather than just cornering the parents who have other siblings to take care of
for various different reasons. Some of them may still be studying or there just might be an exceptional case in the family due to who the medical bills always are at the top of every other priority.

Now if I start planning an ‘Edward Bella’ wedding then I should at least possess enough sense that I should try making my dreams come true on my own. What really is the point of going insane and being shockingly extravagant for a matter of hardly three days
which later would only remain in form of movie and pictures?

Keeping the financial crisis and downturn in mind all the girls should find themselves some sort of work that keeps them occupied positively and I would say that why even spend the money earned on their own on highly stupid weddings when that can be invested
elsewhere and can make the future more secure for ‘the going to be family’. I have seen girls ranting about marriage even before they enter the tenth grade and I will very gladly blame the upbringing specially on the mom’s side for letting their daughters
go for a track that has not even been paved yet.

I am not saying that they should discard the whole idea altogether and just put a full stop to it rather the point that I am attempting to make here is that there is always a proper time for everything, you cannot expect getting a grade without giving the
test or getting an admission without filing in an application.

Balance and simplicity are just two of the many beauties in life that should always be used abundantly as they never fall short no matter used to whatever extent.