Infinity Blade 2

In Infinity Blade II return to embody Siris, a gentleman who is engaged in a monumental adventure to avenge the death of his father, in an epic that we face powerful enemies until you reach the tower where they develop the game’s epic final and where King
stood up to God (God King).

Along the way we spend most of their time fighting in a game that keeps the foundation of its predecessor and which return to arm ourselves with sword and shield to fight nightmarish creatures. Everything will be done in a highly automated, having to anticipate
movements and attacks opponents with blocks, evasive maneuvers or kickback that we mastered to perfection out winners.

Observation, agility and reflexes … Those are the keys to come out on top of the second part of Infinity Blade.

To avoid falling into monotony, each enemy has its own personality in combat, which will ensure that we cannot use the same strategies, and everything goes well in battles lasting a very reasonable that facilitates the kind of fast and lightweight uses can
give a product like this.

The concept playable, however, remains that of repetition and insistence that characterized its predecessor. Almost perpetual reincarnation is constant in the game, but it does so as addictive as we have seen in recent releases such as Dark Souls, if not
in a fun but also much more limited based on pure and simple reproduction of the same situations. Is that necessarily bad? Not if we have no problem with such approaches since there is no time to lose the perspective that it is a mobile game and tablets, but
if we choked the original game concept we do not have much chance of us going to like the second.

The aspect of the battle this time is something deeper to define features and also gives it some three-dimensional aspects such as the fact that the type of weapon very clearly marks our style of fighting. Thus, for example, and of course, if we use a dual
weapon massive firepower but we really vulnerable on the defensive and with a shield will be exactly the opposite.

There are two elements that gauge our progress in the game, and these are the experience and money. For each opponent get points us to win XP, and it will multiply exponentially if they carry out actions merit as chain blocks, perform combos … The experience
will invest in features of attack, defense, health shield or be even more effective in combat. Moreover, the money is more tangible in every way, and with that we collect on our adventures we can buy items such as armor or a more effective arsenal.

On a visual level the title is simply spectacular, but not loses too much space talking about a product you have to see with our own eyes to assess fairly. Just point that if there is a way to work with devices such as iPhone or iPad in technology and graphics,
it is certainly the approach taken by Chair Entertainment: with a realistic and fantasy while out huge array of hardware which has a beautiful art direction and flawless technical execution.