Martial Laws and their impact on Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which has been largely ruined at the cruel hands of civil and military dictators during last 65 years. They have enjoyed their terms one after another but the miserable lot of Pakistan remained unchanged. They had done number of experiences
with it at the names of various reforms but everything looked destined to be failed.

Start from the dirty marshal laws of Pakistan which started off back in 1958 with the intervention of Field Marshal Ayoub Khan. He laid the ugly foundations of military rule in Pakistan whereas India, our neighbour and arch rival built its army for defence
and the differences are quite obvious today.

 He later on introduced the concept of basic democracy in Pakistan, which failed just within the flash of eyes. He then, contested the presidential elections against Fatima Jinnah and defeated her with the clear rigging as bureaucracy was standing shoulder
to shoulder with him.

His junior Gen Aagha Yahya Khan made the second intervention into the political set up of Pakistan and cost it an irreparable damage. Due to his destructive policies, Pakistan lost its second wind the Eastern Pakistan in 1971.

Then came the poor administrator in the shape of Gen Zia-ul-Haq that killed the best ever politician of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto through court trials. It was the biggest loss our country has claimed so far but military dictatorship did not stop hence.

Gen Pervez Musharraf out threw the most powerful political government of Pakistan in 1999 and push Pakistan into an unnecessary and endless war of terrorism. The so-called war on terror has pushed our country into the depths of humiliations as we helped
the west to kill our friends and neighbours ruthlessly.