The time, people and well the world that we have around us has unfortunately redefined or let’s say changed, turned, twisted the true essence of the meaning of beauty and looking good. For some reason now it can only be accomplished by visiting the parlour
at least twice a week, if not once. You have to have designer on and anything less than trendy and ‘in’ would qualify you as an outcast to an extent that you will start doubting if you really do belong to the planet you were born on or not. From the way your
hair is dressed to the new stilettos that you have on; everything has to be just updated, honestly as if you were a news website rather than a normal breathing person. So if this has to be it then I will say that ‘plastic is what that is in these days’. Beauty
is now more of a commodity or product that can be bought.

Seriously you do the most damage to yourself when you disown what and who you really are and try following the crowd to be a part of them and to be accepted by them. You will always look the most beautiful with your own personality shining at its best. A
sweet smile is way more attractive and appealing than a face caked with makeup, a simple high pony or a puff would entice others more than fake extensions and streaking that really make some wonder if it is really still hair on the head.

Buying and wearing the most expensive is the most foolish thing a person can do. You can go for alternate styles that are more reasonable and will not cost a fortune. Something that is a combination of contemporary, decent, ascetically designed and carried
with confidence has never and can never be out of fashion.

Looking good, eating and wearing good is something that our very own religion encourages too but then keeping a balance in everything that you do every time is also strictly advised. Misinterpreting norms and values in the wake of attempting to become or
show someone who you are not is equivalent to killing someone who deep down within you dies a silent death each time you enslave yourself to ‘the in thing’.