Unemployment in Pakistan and its impact on young people

Among the most important issues of Pakistan, unemployment holds a paramount place and it is increasing with every passing day and is affecting the youth by pushing them into the depths of disappointment. People throughout the country are suffering with this
problem and are helpless to find its solution.

In Pakistan, unemployment is increasing with a rapid pace because of various reasons. The most important reason behind this problem is the bad policies of the government that has no plan to place the young people who have completed their education and are
getting frustrated because of not finding any job.

The government officials always ignore this ever increasing problem and remain busy in devising plans to take personal benefits out of their powerful designations. Their behaviour indicates that they do not even bother about the problems of the common people
or the general masses hold no worth in their eyes.

These educated young people try their best to get job for their survival but remain failing in their quest because lack of vacancies. The vacancies are generally filled with the assistance of bribery and contacts. Selection of merit has become a story of
the past.

The result of this miserable situation is that people are committing suicides. They are becoming robbers and thieves in a way to take revenge because of the injustice they get from the hands of the elites of this society. The growing number of unemployed
people has reached at the alarming point and if government still remains indifferent with the current situation then these people will forget about the difference between right and wrong.

They will never forgive this system and will become robbers and thieves for the survival of their lives. They will become a danger for the society. Their knowledge and education will go to waste and will be replaced by wickedness. It is time to think and
generate such opportunities to create more and more jobs for these educated people. By doing this, they will get a good source of living in a respectable way and the country will be right back on the track of true progress.