Veena Malik, the new face of Pakistan but is it for the better?

Advisory: this article contains content of a slightly explicit nature.

The nation may have been shocked and appalled by what they saw when they opened their Facebook accounts and found their news feed page filled with pictures and stories of Pakistani actress, Veena Malik gazing at them with nothing on but her skin.

I on the other hand had to smile, not because my Facebook page was filled with stories of nudity, but for another more patriotic reason. What that reason is exactly will be revealed later on, first Veena Malik needs her time in the spotlight.

Ok so she may have been caught with her pants down and a bit more as well, yet she is making headlines around the world. The tabloids are having a field day, the nation has something other than corrupt politicians and terrorism to talk about and young boys
having something to keep them busy. Not that the latter is exactly a good thing.

So in that sense, maybe Ms. Malik has done the nation a favour and given the nation a bit of respite from its usual depression, doom and gloom.

Yet, the reason it put a smile on my particular face is because now Pakistan has someone to hate who they would not mind taking a look at. Personally, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari was getting a bit old. True, he was the President everyone loved to hate but after
a while one got used to the guy and his less than charming smile.

On the other hand I also realized that now apart of being known for being corrupt, thieves, beggars and terrorists Pakistanis will also be known for being something else. That something else cannot be discussed in public but it is legal in Amsterdam and
Thailand, if a hint was needed.

All in all, Veena Malik has added to the nation’s shame and deserves to face the repercussions. Perhaps making her run naked in the streets would be apt, yet chances are she may enjoy all the attention, as would an entire generation of 12-year old boys.

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