According to several speculations in the World media, President Asif Ali Zardari is all set to resign after suffering a minor heart attack on Tuesday evening.

Mustafa Khokhar, the government’s adviser on human rights told a foreign news agency,

“He had a minor heart attack on Tuesday. He flew to Dubai where he had an angioplasty. He’s in good health now. He will come back tomorrow. There’s no question of any resignation.”

Though, all these speculations have been denied by the government but still many think tanks believe that a coup or resignation forced by the military have escalated in recent days after several US events of violating Pakistan’s interest.

A Human Rights Watch activist Ali Dayan Hasan cautioned beside any military involvement in the current government. “Constitutional rule of law must be followed and civilian supremacy must be maintained," he said. "Governance must be through genuine periodic

President Zardari is currently under enormous pressure after the revelation of disputed memo written in May to US and the latest military action by the NATO forces on one of the Army check posts in Waziristan region. Though, the federal government has taken
strong actions against NATO escalation and memo gate scandal, but still many questions are at a halt for an affirmative answer.

The former Pakistan ambassador to US, Husain Haqqani, has already given the resignation over the possible allegation of treason, but the media and Supreme Court is still behind all the stories leading to that memo-gate scandal and NATO’s aggression on Pakistan