Masood Khan condemns Nato attacks, warns the mistake should never happen again

Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China on Wednesday once again condemned last month’s unprovoked air assault of NATO and ISAF helicopters on two Pakistan outposts near Afghanistan border that killed 24 troops and left 13 others seriously injured.

Masood Khan said that the NATO-ISAF airstrikes were clearly against the international law and an open violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty . In an interview with China Central Television (CCTV), Ambassador Khan said, “they should not have happened, they should
never happen again.”

The Pakistan envoy to China said that being allies in the war against terror Pakistan and NATO had agreed upon a set of rules and the November 26 blatant airstrikes were clear-cut violation of the terms and conditions agreed between Pakistan and its allies
on war on terror.

“It was a big shock for the people of Pakistan,” said Mr. Khan, adding that the tragedy in fact was that 26 lives were lost and many soldiers were injured.

“These soldiers were deployed on Pakistan-Afghanistan border, of course on our side, to fight terrorists, but they were targeted by NATO-ISAF forces. This was most unfortunate, because of which we decided not to participate in the Bonn conference,” he added

In the aftermath of the disgraceful NATO incursion, Pakistan immediately closed the NATO supply routes from its territory and also gave the US a deadline of December 11 to vacate Shamsi Airbase, apparently being used by the CIA for drone attacks on Talibans.

Masood Khan said that now they want an assurance from United States and its ally forces “that under no circumstances the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Pakistan would be violated”.

Replying to a query regarding role of China in the Salala check post incident, Mr. Khan also said that China is a true friend of Pakistan adding his country fully endorse China’s statement asking for thorough investigation and careful handling into the incident.

“Chinese government and people are real friends of Pakistan” Mr. Khan concluded.