We just cannot say that our nation does not have a taste when it comes to watching movies even if it is the minutest of the percentage. We have movies like ‘Love mei Ghum’ and then a calibre that is as intense as something like ‘Bol’. I very recently got
the chance to watch the latter one, prior actually never being on my list.

It did leave me awestruck and baffled like it did the rest who watched it but something that concerned me more was that how many people would have actually sat down and watched it along with trying to interpret and analyse the message that was being put
forth. As I do know many people around me, they would only have waited till the marriage of Atif Aslam to the ‘second daughter’ rather I am quite sure that many would not have even waited till then.

It was just not the topic that would have appealed and captivated the sort of versatile audience that we have in our country. They are use to the romantic stereotypes which does not require them to think or ponder at all whatsoever.

For me honestly it was a mixture of different experiences, predominantly disturbing and confusing as firstly so many things in it were completely new for me and some of them did not even seem real but then again that is the result of being ignorant as we
are so engrossed in our own lives that we forget what sort of miseries others might be going through let alone learning from them and thanking the countless blessings that we are bestowed with.

We seriously take everything for granted never realizing the thought that of being born in a different family set up can make the nights sleepless. Well I do not think that it was successful in arousing the people in the manner that was intended and the
target audience was too scattered because we have people who wait for the release of romantic movies rather than something that is hinting at a social dilemma that is plaguing the society.

Same is the case with our stage dramas, there are the sorts that we watch at Islamabad Club or PNCA and then we have those Punjabi sort that run on different channels. Not that I am critiquing anyone’s taste, my point here only is the wide diversity of audience
that we have in our country.